Benefits of honey soap.

Honey soap, olive oil and honey soap

Benefits of honey soap.

Our honey soap is first of all handmade with only natural ingredients. Honey soap soothes your beautiful skin and moisturizes it at the same time. Trow away the cleaning materials you are currently using. Because you have found the one and only, the best face and body soap.

Olive-oil-and-Honey-soap-by-dlc-cosmeticsThe main ingredient in our honey soap is organic olive oil. This is not only because olive oil is one of the most popular ingredients in natural cosmetics. Olive oil is so immensely popular because it has amazing moisturizing effect for your skin. It hydrates your skin and gives your skin a healthy shine. Olive oil not only makes your skin look great but actually limits the damage age and sun can cause to it.

But the olive oil in our honey soap has one more important benefit; antioxidants. The olive oil and honey are full of antioxidant who fight off free radicals in your body and skin cells. Free radicals come in your body by processed foods and in your skin by environmental factors as air pollution and acid rain. Olive oil’s antioxidant properties are amazing and free for everybody. The only thing you have to do to get all the benefits is using our olive oil and honey soap.

Honey and olive oil soap

Real Honey.

We use only real natural honey for our honey soap. Honey is not only delicious to eat it is also amazingly healthy. One of the first discoveries in ancient times about honey is that it has antibacterial properties. Putting some honey on a wound is an effective way to treat minor wounds and scratches from getting infected. Next, to the antibacterial properties, it also has huge anti-inflammatory properties, making honey a great ingredient in this amazing soap. With its ability to lighten your skin and the moisturizing effects the olive oil, honey will greatly improve the look and feel of your skin. Together olive oil and honey are making sure that your skin stays younger for longer.

Our healthy honey soap is handmade during a cold process, so the honey and olive oil is not heated and has kept 100% of their beneficial properties. Honey soap is an amazing soap you should start using daily, for younger-looking and healthier skin.

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